Does My Child Need Speech Therapy? 

Speech Skills:

  • Saying all the sounds in words e.g. they may leave sounds out or substitute them for different sounds
  • May not be understood by familiar and unfamiliar people

 Language Skills:

  • Difficulty following instructions and understanding what is said to them
  • Difficulty learning new words
  • Late in learning to talk
  • Difficulty formulating sentences and using grammar correctly

Literacy Skills

  • Difficulties with the building blocks of literacy e.g. rhyming and syllables
  • Identifying letters and sounds including sight words
  • Difficulties with reading and spelling

Social Difficulties

  • Find it difficult to maintain a topic of conversation or maintain a conversation
  • Difficulty with understanding the social rules
  • Find it difficult to know what or how to say things in different conversations


  • Involuntary repeat sounds, syllables, words or phrases.
  • Not able to get the word or the sound out.

Does My Child Need Occupational Therapy??

School Skills

  • Handwriting
  • Letter or number reversals
  • Copying from the board
  • Using scissors
  • Maintaining attention to complete tasks
  • Drawing simple shapes or pictures


Attention, Self-Regulation and Sensory Processing:

  • Sensitive to noise, touch and smell
  • Making noises at inappropriate times
  • Easily distracted
  • Seeks extra movement, touch or sound
  • Difficulty attending to parents/teachers
  • Difficulty initiating tasks


Self Care

  • Independence in dressing or using cutlery (e.g. doing up buttons etc)
  • Toileting