Welcome To Cooee Speech Pathology

Our vision at Cooee Speech Pathology is to be a leading provider of exceptional speech pathology allied health services to kids and their families based on the Northside in Brisbane.


We offer a multidisciplinary approach, with a focus on unlocking the potential within each child. We achieve this with both Speech Pathology Services and Occupational Therapy Services working together in unison to achieve results. We are committed to amazing experiences for our Brisbane clients through provision of leading evidence based interventions by caring, engaging therapists.

Our Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy services are located in Geebung, northside in Brisbane. Our clinic is a home away from home for parents and kids, where feeling comfortable and welcomed leads to great therapy outcomes. We are passionate about communication, and will actively collaborate with Brisbane schools, kindergartens and other Allied Health services to create solutions for your child.

Our Core Values: # be helpful # stay positive # build a family spirit # genuinely care and show your passion # be efficient, effective and research drive # strive for creativity and innovation # advocate for those who need it # communicate openly and honestly # nurture happiness

Get to know our Team of Speech Pathologists, and our Occupational Therapist! Connect with us on Facebook or Instagram to see daily videos, insights and therapy tips. We also have an easy online appointment booking system for our clinic at Geebung, Brisbane.

Clarity is essential! When meeting you for the first time, we provide thorough assessment in the areas of Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy or both, with a focus on analysis. Our aim is to understand the barriers that are holding back kids from achieving their potential, and set a clear direction for intervention. We identify Long Term Goals, Short Term Goals, and choices for the intervention approach that you will take to move your child forward along their developmental path.