Our purpose

At Cooee Speech we believe in:


As specialists in communication, we strive to ensure you are fully informed about your health care choices and the treatments we offer.

We provide Assessment Summaries and Individual Therapy Plans in written form included as part of our process so that you know both the reason, and the direction, for your child’s therapy.These are easy documents to provide to teachers, and other professionals, including your GP – so everyone is on the same page, working towards the same goals.


We believe parents are a vital part of a successful treatment program! We strongly encourage and expect your involvement in therapy sessions and homework programs. After all – your kids learn best from those they love!


We believe you deserve the right to access a Speech Pathology Service which is tailored to your needs. Individual 1:1 treatment can be bi-weekly, weekly, fortnightly or monthly – you choose the intensity that is right for your family and lifestyle.


Your child deserves the best! At Cooee Speech we’re committed to your child’s development and aim to provide the Speech Pathology service they need to excel in their learning and reach their communicative potential. You are important to us and we commit to being reliable, professional and accessible.